Visitor FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re visiting our hospital, here is a collection of helpful information.

How do I get to the hospital?

Please refer to the Parking and Transport page for more information.


Can I bring along pets?

No, we ask that Visitors not bring any pets onsite under any circumstance. Please note that the only animals that are allowed onsite are approved assistance dogs. All approved assistance dogs must be always kept on a leash.

Can I bring gifts into the hospital?

Yes, however we ask that you please consult with nursing staff prior to giving items to our patients, as there are some items that may pose a safety risk to patients. Please see our suggestions below.

  • Flowers – flowers must not have any materials that may put patients at risk such as wire. We have vases for patient use.
  • Gift boxes - please consider our infection control guidelines for food safety, as well as patient wellbeing when purchasing gift boxes.

Can I bring food to the hospital?

If you bring food into hospital, it must be in accordance with our strict infection control guidelines for food safety. All food that needs refrigeration must be labelled with the patient’s name, date and time and provided to our Hotel Services staff. All potentially hazardous food items must be consumed within 24 hours, or it will be discarded daily.

Can I bring medication?

All prescriptions, prescribed and over-the-counter medications including paracetamol, vitamins and oral contraceptives must be given to our Nursing staff on admission to hospital. If a patient asks you to bring in medication, please speak to our Nursing staff.