Treatment Programs

Our treatment programs are designed to work on the skills you need to recover and stay well.

Deakin Private Hospital offers a range of treatment programs. 

Please contact our Admissions Team to confirm current program schedule times. 

Addiction First Step Program

This program has been designed to help participants to understand their diagnosis, learn skills to manage, and build a life without the addictive behaviour that is more rewarding and meaningful.


Adult ADHD

This program would be beneficial for people who experience ADHD-like symptoms such as difficulties with concentration, attention, and impulse control.


CBT For Mood and Anxiety Disorders

This program is useful for people who want greater control over their depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder through application of proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques.


Creative Therapies for Mood Disorders

This program is useful for people who enjoy creative expression and find it helps them to improve their mental health.


Dealing with Distress

This program is useful for people who experience intense, unstable mood states, self-harm and unstable relationships, in addressing their clinical needs.

Dealing with Distress Program

Psychological Injury

The Injury Management program is specifically designed for people who have experienced bullying or harassment in the workplace or have had a traumatic event during the course of their employment. 

Psychological Injury Program


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