Referral Process

Does your patient require specialist mental health services and treatment?  We can help. iMH is a trusted name in mental health care and provides a range of mental health services.

Arranging an overnight admission 

To have your patient admitted to our hospital, please follow our simple process below.   

Step 1 Assess your patient  

Does your patient need a specialist mental health admission and is not in acute crisis or actively suicidal? Note: If your patient is in acute crisis or actively suicidal, please contact your local Emergency Department  

Step 2 Funding options  

Does your patient have Private Health Insurance, DVA Status, WorkCover or the ability to self-fund their admission?  

Note: Effective 1 April 2018, Australian Government changes to private health insurance coverage for mental health services will take effect.  

Step 3 Contact Us  

If you answered yes to both steps 1 and 2, please call 1800 961 391 to discuss admission suitability with our Admissions and Assessment Team.  

Referrals can be submitted via:  

Step 4 Eligibility Check  

We will confirm the outcome of your patient’s eligibility check and any applicable out-of-pocket expenses  

Step 5 Confirmation  

On the same day, we will confirm your patient’s admission date and coordinate the allocation of a psychiatrist.