Our Hospital

Canberra's newest private mental health facility and part of iMH specialty hospitals and services group.

About us

Deakin Private Hospital provides integrated private mental health services to the ACT community.

Our team of psychiatrists, medical, nursing and allied health professionals provide a wide range of treatments across inpatient, outpatient and community settings through flexible care pathways.

Our evidence-based treatment, comfortable facilities, and skilled and experienced staff, will enhance the quality of care and health outcomes for our patients.

Our programs reach out to individuals with a wide range of psychiatric conditions from mood and anxiety disorders to trauma and substance abuse. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive evidence based treatment and a holistic approach provided by our professional team of Psychiatrists, Medical, Nursing and Allied Health professionals.

Our History

Deakin Private Hospital is operated by iMH.

In 2023 Deakin Private Hospital opened as iMH's first private mental health hospital.

iMH stands for integrated mental health, representing the service’s special focus on integrating inpatient and out-of-hospital care in shorter stay mental health admissions. iMH compliments traditional Aurora Healthcare private mental health hospitals and expands the variety of services models that we offer.

Connection to Aurora Healthcare

A 50/50 joint venture Aurora Healthcare and Medibank partnership, iMH draws on the clinical expertise and operating success of Aurora Healthcare, a dedicated and focused specialty healthcare group with an Australian portfolio of 17 private hospitals and more than 1,000 mental health beds in Australia’s major cities and key regional areas. iMH compliments existing Aurora Healthcare services and expands our mental health hospital portfolio.

With two initial hospitals and a planned third site, iMH will offer patients access to a combined 153 new mental health beds and comprehensive out-of-hospital support. This new model of care is psychiatrist-led and patient-centred, with flexible care pathways to support greater access and choice in treatment options and settings.

Aurora Healthcare and Amplar Health share a vision to make integrated mental health services nationally accessible in Australia.