Payment Information

It is important for you to be well informed of your financial obligations when being admitted to hospital. You will be provided with information regarding any out of pocket expenses

The following is provided to assist you with this, please contact the hospital if you have any concerns or queries.


Private Health Insurance

You may wish to confirm with your private health insurer prior to your admission to hospital:

  • Does my hospital policy cover me for this treatment, or is there any exclusions, restrictions or waiting periods that apply.
  • Is my procedure / treatment covered by a no-gap or gap cover scheme?
  • Do I have to pay an excess, co-payment, or any other gap under my hospital policy? If so, how much?
  • What are the insurance benefits payable for each of the estimated costs (e.g. hospital costs, doctors’ fees)?
  • Do I have to pay extra for my doctors’ fees and those of anyone else involved with my treatment, or is it all covered?

Please note: if you have been a member of your private health insurer for less than 12 months your insurer may not accept liability for the hospital costs associated with your admission (e.g. if your condition or any symptoms of your condition existed prior to your joining your private health insurer or upgrading your level of hospital cover).


DVA Gold Card and White Card holders are covered for all treatment.


Approval from the Workcover insurance company is required prior to admission to ensure that you do not incur any out-of-pocket expenses. The hospital will liaise with Workcover on your behalf in relation to this.

Third Party Insurance

The estimated hospital costs must be paid by you or your nominee prior to or on admission to hospital unless the hospital has received payment approval from your insurance company. The hospital can liaise with your third party insurance provider on your behalf.

Overseas Insured

If you are insured with an overseas insurance company, you will be asked to pay the estimated hospital costs on admission to hospital, unless prior approval is received from your insurance company. The hospital can assist with providing information required for your insurer.


The estimated hospital costs must be paid by you or your nominee prior to or on admission to hospital. A deposit based on an estimated length of stay of at least one week in advance. Our Admission and Assessment Coordinator will give you more information about this as part of the pre-admission process.


How do I know what the hospital costs will be?

The hospital will provide you with an “Estimate of Expenses” which details the estimated hospital costs, insurer benefits (if applicable) and patient costs.

Whilst every effort will be made to provide you with an accurate estimate of patient costs, the estimate may vary due to unforeseen circumstances, variations from the proposed treatment / procedures, or an extended length of stay in which case additional costs may apply.


What costs could I incur that may not be covered by my insurer?

Costs that you may incur that may not be covered by your insurer may include but are not limited to:

  • Ambulance transfers.
  • Non-medical services (e.g., hairdresser, beauty services etc.);
  • Non-admission related, non-PBS and discharge medications;
  • Boarder accommodation / meals and visitors’ meals;
  • Non-Medicare rebateable items or services;
  • Aids & equipment.
  • Telephone calls (international and non-local) and car parking;
  • Other goods or services.

You may also receive accounts from other providers associated with your hospital treatment, these may include:

  • Emergency centre attendances
  • Treating psychiatrist (for uninsured patients)
  • Pharmacy (e.g. non-admission related, non-PBS and discharge medications);
  • Pathology services (e.g. blood tests); or
  • Radiology services (e.g. x-ray’s).