Care pathways and treatment options

What our new model of care offers

Our new model of care offers tailored and flexible approaches to in-hospital and in-home mental health care. Treatment recommendations are in consultation with the treating psychiatrist. Our care pathways can be accessed directly, there is no requirement for an inpatient admission to access.

Our patients receive the right level of care at the right time – from overnight hospital stays, day hospital attendance including group therapy, to community based treatment including telehealth and mental health support in the home.

Care coordination

Care coordinators will be on staff to ensure that admitted patients smoothly transition between inpatient, outpatient
and community settings, and to support patients during the post-discharge period.

Admissions coordination

Admission and Assessment Coordinators with local hospital knowledge provide preadmission screening and risk assessment for potential patients and will liaise with admitting specialists to confirm patient service eligibility and an admission.

Overnight admissions

The length of an overnight admission will be determined by the treating psychiatrist and in consultation with each patient.

Day programs and inpatient groups

A range of evidence-based specialty day programs will be available to patients, as well as a tailored inpatient group program with both set and elective modules that patients can opt-in to attend 

Intensive Day Hospital

Providing a tailored experience for patients through both individual and group therapy.

Community care

Community care can be used as an alternative to overnight admissions, as a part of a patient’s discharge plan or used in conjunction with day programs.

Extended post discharge follow up

Undertaken by the Care Coordinators who have worked closely with patients across their care continuum providing ongoing support for up to 12 weeks post discharge.

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